Saturday, January 13, 2018

Thanks for the advice?

South Korea (or maybe just Jeju?) has an emergency alert system that sends you a text when conditions have become dangerous or to warn you of possible danger. For example, we once got an alert telling us about an earthquake that happened on the mainland a few weeks ago. I assume this alert system will be the way we are told that North Korea is invading, God forbid.

Anyway, this alert system has been in overdrive the past week with the high winds and wintery weather. We got at least one a day, sometimes more, telling us about icy conditions, or that fishing off the coast was temporarily suspended because of winds. One alert told us that the airport was shut down because of the snow.

You get the idea.

They look like this:

So what we have to do is screenshot the message, and then go to the Google translate app to get an idea of what it says. On Thursday, this is what Google told me the alert said:

"From today to tomorrow (12th), please feel free to make a road accident, road slip, slip out, etc."

"Fine! Get into a wreck for all I care! Feel free to go kill yourself on the roads! What do I know!?"

I'm 100% sure it's a translation error, but the mental image of a disgruntled civil defense worker on his 7th day in a row of being stuck with emergency alert duty sending out this passive aggressive text makes me chuckle.

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