Our Top 10 Favorite Posts from This Blog

Yes, I realize this page might be a bit conceited. I want to share these links for those who stumbled upon this blog through a random Google search or from a link on Facebook. This list will show you the progression of our adjustments to living overseas as well as some of the more interesting days we've had since moving. Read them at your leisure, or not at all.

#1  Our first "Stuff Arabs Like" blog post. After writing this post, I did a Google search of this phrase and found that there's a guy somewhere who has started his own list. I infer from his posts that he is an actual Arab, so consider this the expat's impression of things for which Arabs have an affinity.

#2 (heh heh) This blog post about our first day of work in Saudi Arabia, and the gastrointestinal surprises it held. This post also links to one of the first posts we ever wrote about the visa-getting process and its pleasantries.

#3 The first in another series of posts that I write, "My Dad is SO Arab." My dad was raised in Iraq and moved to the States when he was in his 20s. It wasn't until I moved to the Middle East before I came to fully appreciate just how foreign my dad is. These posts share some of my favorite stories of my Dad as well as shed some light on the Arab-ness of the Saudis.

#4 A post telling the story of one of my favorite lessons I've ever taught in my entire teaching career. This is probably one that only our teacher friends will appreciate, but I tried to paint the picture for those who have never before been on the teaching side of the classroom .

#5 A blog post from our 2011 vacation to Costa Rica. This is the story of one of those days that was absolutely terrifying in the moment, but hilarious after the fact. The moral of this story: never try to hike upstream in the middle of a torrential downpour.

#6 This entry is about one of those days when I discovered that my students in Saudi Arabia had an awesome sense of humor. I also learned that my mouth will one day get me into big trouble.

#7 A post by Tyler about the ins and outs of the names of Saudi Arabia.

#8 For this post, I tried to log an entire conversation between me and the Mister. I was lacking inspiration as we were approaching the end of our first school year overseas. Despite that, I think we came up with a pretty entertaining "Night with The Mister and his Lady."

#9 A story about my colleagues and how well my pathetic efforts to share the cuisine of the West have gone.

#10 Another entry about the strange habits of my students that is probably best enjoyed by my teacher friends.

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