Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sadie Sleeps through the World Automobile Museum

Oh yeah. That's a vintage car following what appears to be a small cart-like car thing, being driven by a mannequin dressed in seasonal garb. You're in for a treat. 

After seeing the hilarious display above the first time I went to the grocery store here, I knew I had to partake in the collection at the World Automobile Museum.

"The whole world?!" you ask!
To which I say, "Right?! That's a lot of cars!"

What I suspect is happening is that some rich guy needs a place to store his collection of vintage cars and make a buck while doing it. Well done, that guy. You collection made for an entertaining morning.

We simply HAD to stop at Starbucks on the way. Sadie had a hankering for a babycino. 
 It was a cold morning, so I was a little worried when we got to the entrance and it appeared that the collection was going to be outside. Turns out it was just a few of the cars and, of course, the petting zoo.

This little collection was called "The Transition of the Wheel"

Because, roaming deer and bunnies are a natural complement to cars, right?

So, is this a pre-automobile car? Also, where did you find such a quality horse statue, but such cheap mannequins?! 

I think they were suggesting that this was all the stuff you could fit in the back of a pickup. Doesn't necessarily mean you should try to drive with it loaded down like this! 

Sadie took matters into her own hands and got behind the wheel. 

...We're on the other side of the wall...I don't think this is the side of the wall this sign should go on...

It had been snowing the day before, but it wasn't THAT cold when we went. I find it funny that I get fussed at if Sadie isn't covered up to the public's liking. 

We waited and waited, but that lady never got on the bus! Rude.

When we got inside, the collection continued, as did the hilariously dressed mannequins.

I'm tempted to come back in the spring or summer to see if the armor's outfit changes with the season. 

This random, ornate Steinway was at the entrance...I mean....ok. 

It was a pretty cool collection, actually. Cars from all kinds of countries and throughout the eras of automobile manufacturing. 

Sadie was thrilled.

Unlike other car museums I've been to, we were able to get pretty close to the cars. You forget how MASSIVE American cars were in the '40s and '50s.

They really nailed the Doc Brown look.

This was John Lennon's car....or it's a car painted just like John Lennon's car...or maybe it was something John Lennon would have liked. The plaque wasn't clear. 

But just in case you were wondering where John Lennon was from, these mannequins were there to help. Dressed in traditional Liverpool fashion, of course. 

My favorite part of the museum, however, had the longest line, so we skipped it that day. 

They had these little cars you could drive around on a track that went by replicas of world landmarks!! They had teeny little horns, and drove on a teeny little roadway! There was even a teeny little stop light and crosswalk around the front of the museum where you had to stop for pedestrians entering the building!! It looked hilariously entertaining, but the line was like 45 minutes long, so we couldn't be bothered. Must save that for the next visit!

Vicariously yours,

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