Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Black Pork Street-- it's a thing

Next on my list of tourist attractions was a little spot called "Black Pork Street." Jeju is famous for its black pigs, apparently, which are just what they sound like: pigs that are black. Their pork doesn't look any different than other pigs, but apparently it tastes different. I can't really tell the difference, but when in Jeju, black pork you must have.

Capitalizing on this sentiment, I was told there was a place in the city called Black Pork Street that was just a bunch of Korean barbecue restaurants that just served black pork. I was intrigued.

I wasn't necessarily disappointed, but I was expecting a lot more restaurants. From what I could tell, the only restaurants went from the gate in the photo and the grey building at the end of the block. There were about 4, maybe 5 restaurants, all of which looked delicious.

Because we have a baby, we got there early and some of the restaurants weren't open, so we went to the first one, which appeared to have been featured on a TV travel show. Figured we couldn't go wrong. 

I think it says "I love Jesus" every time. 

The floors were heated and it was a super cold snowy day, so Sadie had no problem with hanging out on the ground. It was a traditional Korean set up, so we all sat on the floor anyway. 

The sides and meat served were immediately better than any of the other barbecue restaurants we've been to.

I'm pretty sure the little black hairs were still in the skin...I stayed away from those pieces.

Sadie was impressed with the service.

I'm excited to go back to Black Pork Street and try a different restaurant. I foresee it being the birthday dinner location or special event treat. 

Vicariously yours,

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