Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Featured Photo: So aadi

As reported earlier, the side of our house fell off last Wednesday. Yesterday, the guys came to fix it, and as you can see they set up some scaffolding. It appears they got a little rough and careless with their work because when we opened the door to go to work this morning, we found that the glass on our gate was shattered. Bits of thick glass covered our front steps.

American me would have been indignant. First of all, they left the work area in a complete mess. We had to step over circular saws, dried cement piles and bits of tile as we made our way to our car. AND on top of that, they leave glass all over our front door, and our gate completely exposed. American me from 10 months ago would have called up the foreman right there and let him have a piece of my mind.

Fast forward 10 months to Saudi me. I open my front door to a welcome mat full of glass, and I just roll my eyes and sigh. This is so aadi. So typical. So not surprising. Saudi me doesn't get mad and frustrated. She just tells her husband to get our his phone and take a snapshot for posterity.

Vicariously yours,

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