Friday, June 3, 2011

Featured Photo: A Saudi Graduation

The Mister snapped this picture last night at the boys side graduation ceremony. I can assure you this is NOTHING like the girls' ceremony, but photos are not allowed on the girls side so I have nothing to compare it to.

As you can see, it's a sea of shmoghs and ghutras! The graduates are on the left and right of the stage in the ceremonial get-up. This isn't a graduation get-up, it's the traditional formal attire of the Middle East. If you take a look at footage of the recent Royal Wedding, you'll see the representative from Saudi Arabia, as well as the Emirs of one of the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait wearing similar garb.

The guy sitting in the middle chair at the table on the stage is one of the princes from the Saud family. ...there are 7,000 of them, so don't get too impressed. This prince is the sponsor of our school.

Also unlike the girls side, the entire boys side ceremony as in Arabic. The Mister didn't understand a dang thing that was being said. Another stark difference between the girls' and the boys' ceremony: the men actually LISTEN! The Mister also got a quick video and I could clearly hear every word that's being said (because no body was talking while the presenter was talking) and in the 30 seconds that were recorded, there wasn't a single phone interruption. There is no greater proof that there wasn't a Saudi woman in the room than that.

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