Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here's an interesting problem...

So, it gets hot in the desert. I know that comes as a shock. We've reached the part of the year where the temperatures will only be rising for the next few months. It's already peaking above 100 degrees by mid-day, and we're not even finished with May yet.

As previously discussed, our house has a few oddities. One of them being that the cold water tank is on the roof, which means that in the warm months the term "cold water" takes on a whole different meaning.

This morning, I woke up and worked out, as has become my routine. I took a shower, and because it stays so hot all the time now, I didn't need to turn on the hot water at all. In fact, turning on the hot water would have resulted in the first layer of my skin being scalded off. The nice part is the "cold water" is now bath-water-warm so my shower was quite pleasant.

Unfortunately, I enjoyed my pleasant shower a little too long. After I finished, it was the Mister's turn, and there was no cold water left. It didn't matter which faucet he used, the only option he had was boiling-lava-hot.

Oops! There's a problem we didn't expect! I've never run out of cold water before!!

Vicariously yours,

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