Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Featured Photo: Well, it's a screen shot, really...

This is the second or third one of these that we've gotten since we moved here. At this point, nothing really alarms us. This particular one --because of the "recent counter-terrorism activity in Pakistan"-- might be taken a little more seriously than the others. But over all the Mister and I are not fearful of our Saudi neighbors.

I've said it many times before: while the Saudis like their privacy, they have been very welcoming and hospitable towards us. We have no reason to be alarmed after this morning's announcement.

I don't quite have a grasp on the over-all reaction to the President's news, so I'll refrain from posting about that until I have an accurate account. I will say this: It wasn't a major topic of discussion in my neck of the woods like I expected it would be.

Vicariously yours,

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  1. I just noticed that it's a "Warden Message"- as in prison Warden??