Friday, May 13, 2011

Featured Photo: Use the other door.

The Mister and I don't live on a compound. We live in a Saudi house that as been converted into separate apartments. Therefore each apartment has two entrances. Not like a front door and a back door (although because our apartment is actually half of one big apartment that got divided, we do have a front and back door). I mean a men's door and a women's door.

It's a Saudi custom that men and women do not co-mingle. Therefore, if a family is having guests, the female guests enter through one door and the males through another and that way there is no chance of the male guests seeing the female residents of the host home. This is a photo of the doors to one of the apartments upstairs. I'm not sure which door is meant to be for the men and which is for the women.

Almost looks like something out of Willy Wonka's factory or Alice in Wonderland, doesn't it? Most houses don't have the two doors directly next to each other, but the size of the apartments kind of necessitated the close proximity.

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