Thursday, May 5, 2011

Featured Photo: A Saudi carport

This, my friends, is a great example of the Saudi jimmy-rig in action. The Mister and I see this car port every day on the way to work.

You don't see it? Here, let me help you:

The back end of the car is inside the red circle. All the old bed sheets around it are the "walls" of the carport and they're nailed to a rickety old wooden frame.

The pile of rubble to the right of the carport? That's the trash from the construction site. That's how contractors let their work sites stay while the house is being built. The workers just chuck the scrap wood, cinder block remnants, and McDonald's trash from their lunch breaks out the windows of the unfinished house. I'm assuming eventually the pile gets cleaned up, but judging from the sand lots around our house, that might be wishful thinking.

I didn't even notice this carport the first few times we drove past it, I just assumed it was part of the rubble pile. Then I saw the taillights and knew I had to share!!

Vicariously yours,

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