Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rugby, beer, and tanks

Last night, we went to Bahrain. A colleague was flying out for spring break, so we offered to give her a ride. On the way, we simply had to stop off for a drink. We went to the Bahrain Rugby and Football club. It took us forever to cross the border, so by the time we finished our drinks, it was well after 1am.

"I hope we don't have any problems because of the curfew," my colleague said.

There weren't problems, per se. Just tanks.

Because it was almost 2 am on the first day of spring break, I was sleeping in the car. I woke up long enough to see the road blocks, tanks and soldiers with machine guns. Friendly soldiers, but there's certainly an air of "don't mess with me" when the friendly soldier has an AK-47 hanging from his shoulder.

Just your typical trip to the airport in a revolutionary country.

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