Saturday, April 23, 2011

Calories Shmalories. It doesn't matter in Saudi.

This country seems to be a land of contradictions. Women have to cover up to go in public, but television is rife with sexual messages. Education is "valued", but students don't come to school on the first day after a break because "nothing important happens." The country's government is spending money on "green construction," but the citizens litter and waste.

Another contradiction that's especially annoying to me at the moment is the fact that Saudis seem to be so concerned with weight, but there are no stinkin' nutrition labels ANYWHERE!

The Mister and I are trying to lose weight. After binging and bulging since our arrival in September, we've finally come to grips with the fact that we need to get serious about our health and drop a few pounds. That and the fact that we'll be spending a week this summer on the beach with the Mister's svelte brother and his supermodel-proportioned wife. If I said the intimidation factor wasn't playing a part in our desire to slim down, I'd be lying.

As I'm sure any wife can understand, I hate my husband's metabolism. All he has to do is sneeze with a little gusto and he drops 10 pounds. He's just been running and doing a little strength training since we returned from Berlin and he's already lost a few inches.

I, meanwhile, am going to be taking a whole-body approach and really monitor my caloric intake and try to vary my workouts so I can get the most benefit. As a woman in Saudi Arabia, I'm already discouraged.

Unless I'm buying items imported from the West, I cannot find nutritional information on any food items in the grocery store. I can't go for a run without wearing my abaya and hijab and let's be honest, that just ain't happening. Joining a gym is very expensive and very intimidating, from what I've heard (think high school locker room, but with overly oppressed women and NO men).

I'm so frustrated already, but I'm determined to at least get back to my pre-Saudi weight. Through cunning use of the Google and a little clever math, I've found some calorie calculators, and I'm ready to tackle this challenge.

Here's hoping!

Vicariously yours,

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  1. "Saudis seem to be so concerned with weight"
    No they're not.