Sunday, January 9, 2011

Skype: It's a Small World After All

An international teaching couple like us could not survive without Skype. I cannot believe that people actually did what we're doing without computer-to-computer video calling capabilities. Skype and calling services like it have certainly made it easy for us to keep our homesickness to a minimum. The Mister and I noticed, however, that some Skype conversations follow a general pattern. The following is a hypothetical transcript of a Skype conversation that an international teacher might have with a member of a ...specific generation.

This is certainly not meant to discourage any friends or family members from calling us, just a humorous observation we've made. If any of you see us on Skype, even if we haven't talked in a long time, PLEASE press that "video call" button and have a chat with us! It makes us feel more at home.

Skype Video Call Conversation A:

[Call receiver presses the "Answer with Video" button. Gives the video a moment to load before answering]
Caller: Hello!?
Call receiver: Hey!
C: Are you there?
CR: Yep. I'm here. Can you hear me?
C: I can't see you. I can hear you but I can't see you. Are you there?
CR: ...yes.
C: Why isn't my video working?
CR: I'm not sure. You might just need to give the video a min--
C: OH! There you are! The video just came up. Weird.
CR: Yeah. So how are you?
C: Can you still hear me?
CR: ...yep. So how are things?
C: I tell ya, I just can't believe we are able to talk like this! Technology is amazing!
CR: yeah. It sure is.
C: So anyway, were you trying to call me earlier?
CR: Nope, I just got home from work and signed in to Skype.
C: Really?! What time is it there? It's _____ here.
CR: Yeah, it's ______ in the afternoon here.
C: Huh. Yeah, I guess that's about right. You're _____ hours ahead of us.
CR: Yep. Pretty crazy, huh?
C: I just can't believe we're able to talk like this. It's like you're in the other room! Technology is so amazing. I can't get over it.
CR: It is pretty cool.
C: So, anyway, I just called because I saw your name pop up so I thought you were trying to call, so I wanted to call to see if you were trying to call me or not.
CR: Nope, wasn't trying to call. I just got home from work, so I signed in to Skype. And when someone on your contact list signs in, their name pops up so you know they're there.
C: Oh. So you weren't trying to call?
CR: Nope.
C: Oh. Alright. Well, I'll let you go then. It was so great to talk to you.
CR: Yeah. Yeah, you too. Good to "see" you.

Vicariously yours,

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