Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't Be That Girl

The hubbins and I went to the mall this afternoon. We went with the intention of stopping by Sephora and the HyperPanda (it's a supermarket) so I could get some essentials. But of course, when we got there, the stores weren't open because of prayers, so we window shopped.

It's sale time in Saudi Arabia! Every store has window displays taunting customers through the doors with promises of "further reductions" and "up to 70% off." Seventy-percent!? That's almost 100! We couldn't resist. We took the long route to Sephora, and stopped in a few stores.

The Mister has been longing for a plain hoodie for a while now, so we stopped in a sports store and luckily found one on sale. We got in line behind two Americans at the register. I was immediately struck by the fact that the woman was not covered at all, was wearing a v-neck shirt, and capri jeans (I mean, really. Capri jeans?). She didn't have an abaya on, and the glare she shot those of us standing behind her dared us to say something about it. Pretty bold, lady. If you're going to flaunt it in Saudi Arabia, you should expect a few sidelong glances.

On the counter was a kettleball that I guessed she was trying to buy for a friend. She was arguing with the cashier who was trying to say that the price of the exercise equipment was SAR 24 (less than $7), but she was insisting that her friend had seen it on sale for SAR 18 on Wednesday. She was indignant that the man was forcing her to pay all of $2 extra for a kettleball that would have cost her no less than $40 at home.

She got on the phone with her friend (I presumed) and preceded to talk very loudly about the cashier (who spoke very good English) and how rude he was being. Her friend was just as shocked to hear about the price hike as she was.

"I KNOW it doesn't cost 24 Riyals but he's not listening and is making me pay 24," she yelled--no exaggeration--into her phone.

Lady, I don't know who you are, but you are giving the rest of us a bad name. Cover up, shut up and pay the "inflated" price for your lame workout equipment already!


Vicariously yours,

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