Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Zealand continued to be amazing

Marisol and I continued our Kiwi road trip after Hobbiton, making this my first time ever driving on the wrong side of the road. Thankfully the rental company had already stuck a bumper sticker on our car apologizing for my extremely slow speed as I ogled the beautiful views while simultaneously trying not to kill us in a head-on collision.

And boy were there some beautiful sights to behold.

This was the view from our former colleague's backyard. This is literally his back. yard.

This was the least attractive view we had on our amazing hike at a beach that was literally a 5 minute drive from his house. *hint: this view was in no way unattractive!*

This was the BEAUTIFUL view Marisol and I bestowed upon the other patrons as a local berry farm that made yummy home made mixed berry ice cream. Berries are kind of New Zealand's thing, especially at Christmas time because it's the summer and height of berry picking season.

This was the view we had over the local town when we rode to the top of a beach-side hill near our former colleague's house. The cows have become unimpressed with the mind-blowing beauty they are surrounded by every day.

This is another shot from Hobbiton, but it's worth sharing. Seriously, there were so many moments that I was just gobsmacked by how beautiful New Zealand was! I kept saying that I couldn't believe our former colleagues ever left to go to the desert. I guess you don't really come to appreciate green until you're surrounded by brown desert for a few years.

Vicariously yours,

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