Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Low Key New Year's in Prague

Despite all the illness and pink eye we've suffered this break, it has been kind of relaxing. The most expensive relaxing vacation ever. We basically paid for airfare and lodging so we could go get sick in Europe.

But yesterday we tried to make up for lost time. We got all dressed up and went to a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant. We had heard all about the fireworks over Prague on New Year's Eve, so we picked a restaurant that overlooked the whole city with a clear view of the river so we wouldn't miss a minute of the show.

It was a very fancy restaurant. They had a pianist and violinist.
The dinner was very very good! We had several courses. It was so fancy that when we looked at the menu I had to look at the Mister and ask, "Do we get to eat all of this, or do we only choose one thing?"

We got to eat all of it.

Including the "poachet pikeperch" with caviar and red beet carpaccio. I wasn't even sure what red beet carpaccio was!
At first the dinner was very awkward because we were one of maybe 3 English-speaking couples in the whole room. We were seated really close to everyone around us, but not close enough to non-awkwardly strike up a conversation with any of them. Eventually we were able to entertain ourselves between courses.

They gave us some cool pseudo costumes to keep ourselves occupied.
Finally it was time for the big fireworks we'd heard so much about! Anyone who has spent a 4th of July with me can attest to my unhealthy love for fireworks shows. So we got our half bottle of Czech sparkling wine and headed outside for the big display.

Turns out, the big fireworks display organized by the city of Prague happens on the night of New Years Day...because the city of Prague doesn't want to compete with this.

It's not an actual fireworks display so much as all the people in Prague (tourists, immigrants, and Czechs alike) just setting off the most elaborate fireworks I have ever seen set off by private citizens! Seriously! I have had MANY a 4th of July in my day and I have NEVER seen people legally setting off fireworks this nice, loud, and dangerous! WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THESE FIREWORKS!?

It was pretty darn cool, though. We could see for miles across the city and into the outskirts of town and it was fireworks as far as the eye could see. It was like little tiny, not-scary volcanoes going off every 400 feet for miles and miles.

Here's a blurry photo of what it looked like. I'm a dedicated blogger.
It was a pretty awesome way to ring in the new year.

We woke up today feeling energized, refreshed and ready to start the new year tackling ALL our resolutions.

I'm just kidding! haha! We literally haven't left the apartment all day. And it's been awesome. Around 5:30 I asked the Mister if we should get dressed and try to find a good place to watch tonight's real fireworks show. We both responded with a resounding, "meh."

Luckily we could see the fireworks from our awesome apartment!

Video can be seen here.

Happy New Year, y'all!

Vicariously yours,

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