Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bringin' Da Rain, Bringin' Da Dust

My facebook feed has been blowing up all day with fearful posts from people's safe rooms thanks to the heinous line of storms that made its way through Tennessee last night. Thankfully all of my friends and family are safe. They didn't want all those trees in their yards anyway.

Tennessee's not the only place that's had some crazy weather this week. Yesterday morning the Mister and I were greeted with a chilly morning shower on our commute to work. A cold front must have moved in over night and brought a little "cloud vomit," as one of my sweet angels put it.

As it is wont to do in Kuwait, the rain quickly subsided. But then the sky turned red.


Photos shamelessly stolen from Charles and Tom, respectively. Thanks, guy!

Photographs just don't do these dust storms justice. In Saudi, the dust was actually kind of white and just looked like gritty fog. But more times than not, the dust in Kuwait is literally red. Like terra cotta red. And just like in Saudi, it. gets. everywhere.

So there you have it. North America has tornadoes. Kuwait starts the day with rain and works its way to flying dirt.

Vicariously yours,

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  1. The pace of weather change these days is becoming crazier and crazier that we can’t blame people for thinking of worst case scenarios. Tornadoes have been going on and about, and I believe that safe rooms and tornado shelters is a must have for each household.

    Edwina Sybert