Sunday, October 21, 2012


Alright. So this is totally a post dedicated to what the Mister calls complain bragging. It's a nasty habit of expats and jetsetters everywhere. We have a propensity for dropping braggy "complaints" into conversations or onto facebook that cause the rest of the world to collectively roll their eyes at how nauseatingly exotic our lives are. Tyler and I try our best to hold back these kinds of posts and tweets because we don't want to be THOSE people. So let's just say this is what your newsfeed COULD look like if we didn't have such stellar self control. This way we can get it all out at once and you don't have to unfriend us.


Don't you hate it when you try to brush your teeth in the airport bathroom after being on a plane for 8 hours, and the automatic sink makes it almost impossible to rinse all the toothpaste off? #expatproblems

Woo hoo! We'll get to watch the Super Bowl live this year! Boo! We won't get any of the fun Super Bowl commercials. #expatproblems

How annoying is it when you're trying to find a 50 fil piece in your entryway catch-all dish, but all you can find are coins from all the OTHER countries you've visited this year? #expatproblems

You know you've been away from American pop culture for a while when you don't recognize any of the stars, hosts, or musical guests on Saturday Night Live. #expatproblems

Know where I want to go for dinner tonight? That restaurant that had the really great--oh wait. That wasn't in this country. Nevermind. #expatproblems

I just found some money in my pocket! YESSS! But it's not for the country I'm currently in. Booo! #expatproblems

It's so awkward when you go to say "Thank you" to the waitress but 4 different languages come out before you finally come up with the right one. #expatproblems

Augh! The times on people's Skype profiles are all off! It's so annoying to count back the hours to figure out if we can call people or not. #expatproblems

Is it pathetic that I get facebook ads in 3 different languages whenever I sign in from a new country? #expatproblems

I'm getting really good at converting Celsius to Fahrenheit! #expatproblems

All these posts on facebook about the presidential debates are like my version of all the election commercials that everyone hates so much. ...but more entertaining. #expatproblems

I'm cooking blind tonight because I can't read any of the instructions on the packaging. There are at least 15 languages on the box and not a one of 'em is English. #expatproblems

I think I screwed up my math when converting the cost of this item into dollars...did I just spend 300 bucks on this toaster? #expatproblems

Sorry I'm so tired today. I had to get up at 3 am to watch the Titans lose to _(insert team name here)_. #expatproblems

I can't wait to get back overseas so I can finally get some good hummus. You just can't find good hummus in the States. #expatproblems

Vicariously yours,

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