Monday, February 6, 2012


We got a package today.

I was expecting this package because it contained the scrapbooking supplies I ordered and had delivered to my parents' house. My mom then repackaged them, along with the photo prints I'd ordered and sent them on their way.

This is the date my mom put on the package when she signed for the postage:

January 12, 2012. This is actually pretty good, considering that most packages take at least a month to get here from the States. Heck, most MAIL takes at least a month. I wasn't expecting this package for at least another 2 weeks.

Here's the interesting thing about mail in Saudi Arabia: there is no home delivery. Ever. All mail goes to a P.O. box. So all our mail goes to the school's P.O. box and someone from the school goes to the post office to pick it up. Because the Mister is a...mister, he is the one who receives the mail on both our behalf.

In the middle of the day, the Mister texted me with an image that said, "We got a package!" The photo looked something like this:

Welp. Luckily I didn't order anything breakable!

And this was a package that was delivered to a post office. I wonder what it would have looked like if it had the option of being delivered to our house!

Notice the white tape? That wasn't put on there by my mom.

That tape is from the Saudi censors. I assume that all foreign packages are searched once they arrive in the country. Most of the time this isn't a big deal, but if the censors find something they feel is objectionable, they will confiscate the material. So far, we've been lucky and haven't had anything taken. But we've heard stories of people who received picked over boxes, even one person who had a completely empty trousseau delivered from the States. Just an empty box with a suitcase in it.

But this story is not taking that direction. Nothing, from what I can tell, was taken from our package today. No, this story is about how awesome my Mom is. 

We opened up our package. Here's a shot of what we saw. See if you can spot the item that made both the Mister and me squeal like little girls.


YES! I know most people are cynical about all the marketing that surrounds Christian holidays. People bemoan the fact that Christmas decorations start going up in October, and Easter baskets hit the shelves by New Years. But boy oh boy am I sure glad for commercialization of holidays right now!! Without the premature arrival of Cadbury Creme Eggs on the shelves, my mom would not have been able to send us a fresh batch of the heavenly treats! 

We immediately devoured one (ok, the Mister had two). I've been trying to watch my calories, but all will power went out the window as soon as I saw those yummy blue and red foil covered eggs.


Even Kitty got a present out of this whole deal!

Vicariously yours,


  1. yeah...i sent my friend Ty a box in Afghanistan...there was a cosmo in it with sex tips...i wonder if it made it across the borders.

  2. : ) that box looks pretty beat up. Glad the custom inspectors didn't appreciate the finer art of scrapbooking or the deliciousness of Cadbury eggs!!