Friday, January 6, 2012

Stuff Arabs Like #17: Blackberry

Nothing is more obvious than to say, "Arabs love Blackberry." And of the Arab world, I think it's safe to say Saudis love Blackberry more than anyone. They love their Blackberrys* so much that they can't peel their eyes away from the sleek black mobile devices, EVEN WHEN DRIVING!! There have been countless time that the Mister and I have almost been run off the road by a Saudi checking AND REPLYING to his latest BBM. I emphasized the replying bit because you can't find a Blackberry without a qwerty keyboard, so you need both thumbs! least the Saudis do.

The Saudis love them some BBM soo much that the Shabab (the male youth) will post their BBM pin numbers on their cars in hopes that a passing female will become immediately enraptured and request to start an explicit conversation with him.

The only problem is the females probably don't get the chance to catch his BB pin because you rarely see a Saudi shabab driving under 50 miles per hour. It was hard enough to get snap this picture! I've literally been trying for months. We see this guy a lot.

All this secret message swapping was all probably a lot more fun before Baba Abdullah started reading everyone's BBmail.

It is not a rare sight to see rows of shabab along the beach front road near our house, all lined up on the sidewalk sitting next to each other, with their faces illuminated by the glow of their Blackberry screen. They are sitting in the presence of perfectly good human beings. They could be getting actual human contact...but the Blackberry has them in its grip, and they'd rather BBM than speak.

It's a sad, sad truth. But there it is.

Vicariously yours,

*Blackberries? Do you follow typical English conventions when pluralizing a brand name? hmmm

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  1. This is incredible. I'm actually shocked that douche American guys haven't thought of this.