Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A series of requests from a pair of frequent international travelers, Part 1

The Mister and I have burned our fair share of miles since moving overseas. Our carbon footprint is ridiculous. Not only do we now fly home each summer, but most of our vacations are out of the Kingdom, which require at least 1 transcontinental flight and usually 1 international connection as well. Because of all the time we spend in Economy and waiting at airport gates, we've compiled quite the list of requests for our fellow travelers. We thought we'd share some of the items on that list with you, dear readers, in case one day you find yourself at the tail end of 24 hours of travelling, or sitting near someone who is.

Part 1: Economy Etiquette

As a personal rule, the Mister and I never recline our seats when someone is sitting behind us. I've recently modified this rule to say that you should never recline your seat unless the person behind you is already asleep and won't notice your invasion of their already nonexistent personal space.

Especially heinous is the person who reclines his/her seat just because. I'm sorry, fella, but there is absolutely no reason for you to recline your seat while taking in the greatest hits from season 3 of CSI: Miami on the in-seat screen in front of you. Especially because by reclining your seat, you've now made it nearly impossible for me to see anything but the negative image of the movie I was trying to watch.

We're all in Economy. I understand that it can get a little cramped. But they don't call 'em the cheap seats for nothin'. You get what you paid for, and I would really rather not spend 9 hours with approximately 5 inches between my face and your bald spot.

I've had this discussion with friends before, and the recliners among us usually say, "I only recline my seat if the person behind me says he doesn't mind." But let's be real. At least 90% of the population are going to say we don't mind, but the truth is "Yes. I do mind. I'd really rather you not recline your seat."


Things that are wrong with this situation:

  1. Seat fully reclined.
  2. Dirty fingernails all up in my face
  3. Appendages blocking my already teeny tiny screen
  4. HE'S NOT EVEN SLEEPING! He was just taking a break from eating his special-order in-flight meal!

Granted, I was especially ornery at this point because I was smack in the middle of my almost 10 hour transatlantic flight (the second nearly-double-digit-hours-long flight that day), but I don't care who you are, this is rude.

Heed my words, oh readers of mine, and you're sure to become a much more pleasant person for strangers to travel with.

Till next time.

Vicariously yours,

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