Sunday, September 25, 2011

This is a video of fish

As the title suggests, this is a video of fish. I took this footage at the Kuwait aquarium to illustrated a point: ARABS ARE SO LOUD! It is a part of the Arab culture that I just don't understand. Why do you need to be so inconsiderately loud in public places. There are always children screaming, teenagers yelling, Blackberries ringing, babies crying, and mothers chatting loudly in the Middle East. It was especially unnerving in the aquarium because we were all in a small, enclosed space. One that reverberated sound nicely.

The video is one full minute long, and it was a relatively quiet minute when taken in the context of the rest of our visit. You don't have to watch the whole video. After about 30 seconds, you get the picture.

Let me say that I understand that everyone can be loud from time to time. And there are times when it's appropriate to be loud and raucous. Football games, birthday parties, camp bonfires, pep rallies. All perfectly acceptable instances when yelling at the top of your lungs should come as no surprise and should not be an issue to the people around you.

But when you're in a place of learning, like an aquarium, I was raised that it's polite to apologize on behalf of your ridiculously shrill child when she screams out and pounds her fist on the plexiglass and then immediately try to stop her obnoxious behavior. That was not the case for any of our fellow patrons at the Kuwait Aquarium. It's funny, though because the Mister and I have gotten pretty used to all the noise.

My, how things change over the course of a year.

Vicariously yours,

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