Monday, November 1, 2010

Say what now?!

We have some interesting characters in the house with us. Living upstairs, we have two lonely, single men. Well, lonely isn't the right word because it makes them sound desperate...but you can definitely tell that neither of them have seen or talked to an unmarried woman since he arrived in the country.

The other night, I mentioned to them that I had invited a co-worker of mine to dinner at the house. She had just arrived from Canada and I thought she would enjoy a little camaraderie.

"Really?" one of the guys said, " she married?"

I chuckled a little bit and said that she wasn't. Both stayed quiet for a little while. After about ten minutes, one of them, we'll call him "Michael," said, "Wouldn't it be funny if we went home and studied up on Canada to impress her with our knowledge of her home?"

We all laughed. I thought it was so funny that he had been thinking about her visit this whole time.

The other single fella, we'll call him "Neil," laughed and began a hypothetical conversation with my female colleague, who wasn't in the room.

"So," he said, "that election of 1873. It was crazy, wasn't it?"

Everyone in the room thought this was hilarious and we all started chiming in with hypothetical cheesy pick-up lines related to the US's northern neighbor. The men were rapid-firing with the jokes and we were all having a great laugh.

Keep in mind that our Thai house mate was also with us, and she doesn't speak much English. She was barely keeping up with our normal conversation, but she was being a good sport and laughing along at all the fake flirtation, even though she didn't really understand what was being said.

After a minute or so, Neil says in a lusty voice--still to my colleague who is not in the room--"So, ever been to Regina?" which is said with a long "i." It's a city in Alberta. It mean "queen" in Latin. It rhymes with a certain...female body part.

"...what did you say?!" the petite voice of our innocent Thai neighbor half whispered.

To borrow a phrase from my mother-in-law, we all died laughing! The expression on her face was so funny, and once we all realized what she thought Neil had said, it was even more hilarious.

I am definitely so thankful to have such good-humored and fun people around us all the time. It's nights like that one that have certainly made this move considerably more fun.

Vicariously yours,

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