Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not to be xenophobic...

I'm usually very much against the whole English-first way of thinking. But as I'm trying to fill out visa applications and figure out what exactly we need to bring to the Saudi embassy so we can get our visas, I'm starting to see where total fluency in the English language might come in handy.

Example A: "Follow the visa authorization number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when choosing between single or multiple entries." Normally I can follow directions well, but the number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is written in Arabic, so I've got to trust an online translator to tell me what that number is. Insh'allah, the translator will get it right.

Example 2: "In the religion section, enter either Muslim or Non-Muslim (Other)." Again, normally I would have no issues with that, but "Non-Muslim" ISN'T AN OPTION! But Christian should I just put that?

Example 3: "Medical reports should be used within three (6) months from the date of issuance." Uh, you're a little vague there. Is it three, or six months?

Another personal favorite: where I put my name on the online application. There's a place for "last name", "second name", "other name" (other name!??), and "last name." Let's just say that the last name box isn't even big enough for the cursor, much less letters...


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