Thursday, July 29, 2010

Late breaking news...

We still have no visas.

Shocking, I know.

As the Mister has already mentioned, we weren't able to drop off his visa paperwork till the Friday before we left DC. That translated to our wonderful friend Matt volunteering to go by the Saudi embassy on Monday to pick it up. Sounded easy enough but we should have remembered we're dealing with Arabs here, and expedience is not their middle name.

So Matt went to the embassy, and their computer system was down, so he was told to come back later.

So Matt went on Tuesday. He was told the visa wasn't ready yet and to come back later.

The Mister and I owe Matt copious amounts of love and adoration because he's going back again today to hopefully pick up the stinkin' visa! Here's hoping they can stick to the 24 hour waiting period promised on the embassy website when we return to DC to get my visa next week.

Oh, and here's hoping the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs can get me the only piece of paperwork I'm missing before we return to DC to get my visa next week.

Meanwhile, the school has already asked us for our travel information so they can go ahead and book our flights (!!!). OhmygoshIcouldn'tbemoreexcited!! We requested to leave the States on/around September 9 and arrive in the Big Sandy on September 12th. We're going to spend those few days in between in Amsterdam soaking up the last bit of female independence I can get.

Until then, we'll just be forced to go to DisneyWorld with the Mister's family (it's a hard knock life for us) and hang out with the fam in Nashville. le sigh

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  1. Hey...I am so glad the "Big Sandy" has caught on. Let me know when you all get back to Brentwood. We need to get more bonding time in before you all leave me FOREVA!