Friday, August 7, 2015

I think I'm gonna like it here

My fascination with Australia is long standing. We did a unit on Australia when I was in elementary school. The father of one of my classmates was Australian and he performed "Waltzing Matilda" for us and explained that hearing that song is enough to make every Aussie "want to swim back home." I had a pen pal from Orange, New South Wales when I was a kid and I remember getting Australian currency and a Christmas card from her as she described having Christmas in 45 degree heat. It was one of my first lessons in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

I have always had Australia on my List. I still can't believe that the Mister and I are actually living here.

It's been a tough introduction to the land down under. Two weeks after we got here, Tyler's grandmother died. Then as soon as he got back from the funeral he came down with a horrible stomach flu which I promptly also caught. Getting into our apartment was an ordeal deserving of a blog post all its own.

Even though it has not been completely smooth sailing, I can tell that we are really going to like it here.

There is so much interesting architecture. This is a train station!

 We LOVE our apartment, even though it is the smallest place we have ever lived. We don't need much, and it makes cleaning SO easy. There is a grocery store literally 20 steps from our back door and a fresh vegetable market two doors down. The neighborhood we live in is very international, with a large Asian population, so there are tons of yummy Thai, dumpling, ramen, and Korean restaurants just steps away. We won't be able to frequent them very often because food is expensive here!

The urban street art is great in this city! As I understand it, there are streets dedicated to street artists where graffiti gets left up permanently as an ever-changing gallery.

And, of course, my personal favorite:

GREEN!! There are PARKS! And they're HUGE! And there isn't a wall surrounding them! And people can take their dogs there! And they're in the middle of the city! With an array of flora and STATUES and public performances and...and...and...

It's wonderful! When Tyler and I decided to leave the Middle East, we said that where ever we go next in the world from now on need to have PPB: pork, parks, and bars. It's not like we eat bacon with every meal or go drinking every weekend, but we just missed being surrounded by green, being able to meet up with friends for a happy hour every now and then, and the divine joy a perfectly grilled bratwurst can give you on a warm summer evening.

We have been able to partake in two of those three things since we landed. We're working on the whole make-friends-to-meet-up-with-for-happy-hour thing.

I live in a place with FAIRY TREES, y'all! I don't even know what that is but I am SO EXCITED!

I am really looking forward to exploring this city more and finding new favorite hang outs. More updates to come with photos of the apartment once everything has been put up. Our shipment from Kuwait is in the country, we are just waiting on it to clear customs and get delivered. Hopefully that'll happen soon.

Till then I remain

Vicariously yours,

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