Friday, January 2, 2015

2014: One Second at a time

I've posted our Second-of-the-Day videos before. We use the 1SecondEveryday app ($1.99 on the app store, though sometimes is comes up for free) to make these fun video compilations of one second from every day during our vacations. 

During our Christmas vacation last year, I decided to do a 365-second video for every day in 2014. There were lots of busy days that got away from me, so Kitty is featured heavily in this little project of mine. It'll probably take a few viewings for you to take it all in. While you're watching, see if you can spot:

  • the number of times you can spy Kitty in the seconds.
  • how many times I wear a green shirt (spoiler alert: it's a LOT)
  • the number of countries we visited this year
  • the number of Disney movies you can see/hear
  • the number of friends and family that we saw this summer. We included just about everyone we saw!
  • the number of food items you see us ingesting

Any other trends you spot in this video?

Vicariously yours,

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