Saturday, December 14, 2013

So...this is a thing...

This Mister and I have had fresh-from-the-camel camel milk before. It was pretty gross. So you can understand why my initial reaction to seeing bottled camel milk in our local grocery store. It's probably not a fair reaction. Afterall, the camel milk we drank was totally un-homogenized, was probably a miracle that we didn't get some sort of virus or pathogen from the milk.

Fresh milk. That's no strange, right? Camelicious. Creative name. Fresh is generally a good thing when you're referring to dairy products...

But if you look reeeally closely at the date flavored camel milk, you see that THIS variety is pasteurized. Which begs the question: does that mean the fresh milk is not pasteurized?!


Vicariously yours,


  1. BUT LOOK AT THAT SLICK LOOKING MASCOT!!! Now I know what Joe Camel has been up to! He migrated to the middle east!

  2. woow glad to see the option of raw milk. cant wait to try it.