Monday, March 26, 2012

Observations from Sri Lanka

hide yo' kids, hide yo' wifes. 

1. Is "burning every time you lay out, no matter how much sunscreen you put on" just a fact of getting old?! I was outside for maybe 1 hour today, with sunscreen everywhere and STILL my shoulders and a little bitty strip of my chest burned!? WHAT?! I used to be able to stay outside for 5 hours with only one application of SPF 30 and come back looking like a friggin' toasted almond! What gives?!

2. WHY do Germans love fanny packs so much!?

3. Traveling in a tropical country after spending many many months in the cool breeze of air conditioning = sweat, and lots of it. Wearing make-up so you look good in your blog photos + sweat = ZITS, and lots of 'em. Oy.

4. I love shopping in foreign grocery stores. When I'm on vacation. When I'm in Saudi Arabia, the foreign-ness gets a little old and I just want the snuggly familiarity of a Kroger's or a Harris Teeter...but when I'm on vacation I feel like I'm sneaking a peek into the local world of whatever country I'm in.

5. I am clock reading disabled. Sri Lanka is GMT + 5:30. That means it is 2 and a half hours ahead of Saudi Arabia. That means it is 10 and a half hours ahead of Nashville. a). It's weird that it has that half an hour extra...what gives, India and Sri Lanka?! b). You would think that little half hour doesn't make that much of a difference when it comes to counting forward or back to figure out what time it is, but IT'S SO HARD! I have to look it up every. time.

Vicariously yours,

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