Saturday, October 22, 2011


Dear readers, allow me to introduce you to The Money Pit.

We've talked about the maintenance woes of our pathetic little Volvo before, but I don't think you two have ever been properly introduced. Unfortunately, the woes continue with the ol' MP. 

First it started acting up a few months after we purchased this lemon. It would rev oddly and stall out at random times. We took it to get fixed and $870 later, it seemed to be good as new.

Until it started doing it again.

And then the rear passenger side window broke and stayed permanently down. We've mentioned before that the Mister and I are no strangers to the broken window motor. We made do with such an ailment in Nashville, so we just plastic wrapped the window and laughed it off as we shouted our conversations during our morning commutes.

We toughed it out until the end of the school year and resolved ourselves to get the car fixed when we returned from our summer travels.

Six weeks later, we return to the Kingdom, drop another $500 on this lump of worthlessness and we're back on the road. The rear passenger side window has now been permanently propped up, never to be rolled down again.

Everything was going along swimmingly until a couple weeks ago (almost exactly 3 weeks after we got it out of the garage). It has now started revving at odd times like it did before, but the worst part--the insult to our injury--THE REAR DRIVERS SIDE WINDOW IS NOW BROKEN AND STAYING PERMANENTLY DOWN!

AAHH! It's so infuriating! We had just gotten all the dust and sand out of the car and then the freaking other window broke! 

It became comical when today, as we were getting into our car to leave a compound where we had been visiting friends, a cat jumped out of our back seat. She had crawled in there through our open window to take a nap. Here's hoping that's the only desert animal that sets up shop in our back seat!

Curse you, Volvo gods! 

Vicariously yours,

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