Friday, March 4, 2011

A little Bahraini adventure

Yesterday the Mister and I went to Bahrain to get out of the Kingdom and to have lunch with a friend of the Mister's from middle school who happened to be in Bahrain for the day. We had a fantastic time catching up with his long lost friend of 15 years and meeting some wonderful new people. The day began with a sunny drive over the causeway, to the hotel to pick up the Mister's friend, and then a drive past the tent city set up on the Pearl Roundabout (that's the big monument you saw on the news reports about the protests in Bahrain):

After a pleasant lunch filled with intelligent conversation and the drunken shenanigans of a 40th birthday party for a British expat in the background, we said goodbye to our friends (new and old). We had planned to meet up with some house mates at the mall for dinner and a movie.

The drive from the restaurant to the mall didn't quite go as planned...

Before going to Bahrain, we were told by co-workers, "It's totally safe, just avoid the Pearl roundabout and you'll be fine!"

So what do we do? Of course, the protests are completely peaceful now, so we were never in any danger, but it certainly got very claustrophobic as the crowd got larger and the lane got smaller.

After everything cleared, we had a good laugh about it...

**Not sure why blogspot loaded the last video twice on a loop. That's definitely not how I edited it. But it's taken me three days to get these bad boys loaded, so it's staying.**

Vicariously yours,


  1. Don't you have that route selection stuff on your GPS?

    Do you want to avoid:
    (a) toll roads
    (b) traffic congestion
    (c) revolutionary demonstrations.

  2. Hey, look, you went on this adventure to experience the culture, if that includes a revolution, it's part of the experience, right?Since we're seeing video after the fact and you are safe and sound, I laughed right along with Amber. Did you get to see "The King's Speech" by the way? Wasn't it great?