Friday, October 8, 2010

A peek inside our new home!

Side note: the video really doesn't do justice to how loud the washing machine is, or how much it moves during a wash cycle. At some points it sounds like a plane taking off in our kitchen! I just couldn't catch it on video.

Vicariously yours,


  1. that last shot of the beach- can you see that from your roof? I think that would be nice, to be able to see it from your place......

  2. Wow! that's great. I love the locks- everywhere. And my dad has that washing machine!
    What floor are you on?

  3. I always love to see how homes differ in foreign countries! It's so interesting, and the locks are hilarious. Our apartment has an archway to nowhere, too! I am excited to see more of your lives there.

  4. awww so cool!- candace ( who is sick of trying to remember the password to the google account I never use! I will be anonymous with my name)