Friday, July 22, 2011

Reverse culture shock? Not us!

While waiting for our connecting flight in London's Heathrow airport, the Mister and I were discussing whether we were going to have culture shock upon returning to our hometown. The hubbins said he probably would feel a little out of place, but I didn't think so.

I'm glad to report that we really haven't been all wonky--with the exception of a little jet lag. Everything's just as we left it. Our favorite foods are still just as wonderful as it was last year. Driving is still awesome. Wearing shorts in public feels totally natural...even though my ridiculously pale legs aren't so natural at this time of year in the South.

There was one little thing that caught us off guard, though. While driving to our beach vacation, the hubsy and I stopped at a Chik-fil-a (YAY!!!), and found this:

First of all, I have missed real ketchup. The ketchup in Saudi Arabia is too sweet or something. It's just gross and I usually skip it. So I was beyond happy to finally have real Heinz ketchup to dip my waffle fries in. But THIS has got to be one of the best technological advances I've seen in a long time! I can dip my ketchup, or I can squeeze! No need to make a mess! Genius! I immediately got out my new camera and started staging a few shots.

As I was putting the camera back in my purse, the Mister's grandmother, who had been watching me from across the table, cut her eyes toward him and said, "Do they not have ketchup over there in Saudi Arabia?" It made me laugh out loud. Perhaps this was the one moment of reverse culture shock I'll experience this summer.

I had to share.

Vicariously yours,

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  1. but there's heinz ketchup in saudi arabia, not with this type of technology but it still counts.