Monday, July 11, 2011

Featured Photo: Girl, cover yourself!

This is the cover of the Xbox Kinect Zumba game. As you can see, it features a muscular lady who is clearly undulating to the beat of a saucy Latin/Hip Hop beat. She's clearly enjoying herself. The packaging is probably aimed at those ladies who would like to have abs that resemble this lady's. But unfortunately this photoshopped photo would probably also catch the eye of a passing Saudi male. So we've got to do something about that...

Sharpie to the rescue! This is a very common sight on Saudi shelves. Workout equipment has the torso and legs of the female models on the packaging scribbled over. That is, as many boxes as they could cover before the marker ran out of ink.

I don't understand...if you're going to scribble over the covers of some of them...why not scribble over the covers of all of them!? Perhaps in this case the guy who was in charge of product modesty got bored, or his shift ended and nobody wanted to take over the menial task of eliminating temptation for the masses.

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