Monday, March 14, 2011

What do your dogs say?

Once again, I have a wonderful memory with my English cluster secretary that I will cherish.

Today, after school, we were working on my Arabic (it's coming along at a snail's pace), and I was looking the word for "bookshelves." Because the word is plural, it's said "rufoof" (a creative transliteration, of course).

"So what should I say if I want to say 'one bookshelf'?" I asked

"One bookshelf? Ruff." she answered.

"Oh! Like what dogs say!" I said, more for my benefit than hers. However, I knew from her quizzical look she had no idea what I was talking about.

"You know! What do dogs say? 'Ruff! Ruff!'" I said.

"Oh. Is that what dogs say in English? Here they said 'howw howw!'" she replied with a laugh.

We had a great time with that one! I love the fact that animals "say" something different in each language!

Vicariously yours,

This whole ordeal of course made me think of this, my favorite dog:

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  1. Wait, is your favoirte dog Rowlf or Lassie? And by Lassie, I mean Fluffy?