Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forget King days, Sand days are better!!

Wooo! Two 4 day work weeks in a row!!

As the Mister and I were about to go to bed last night I said, "Smells like a sand storm," referring to the atmosphere. Not...nevermind.

Not 2 minutes later, the windows started to howl with the gales that were blowing through the streets of our neighborhood. It was a sandstorm, alright. According to a local, this is one of the worst sand storms the area has had in a while.

The Mister went out to take photographic evidence of what a friend has dubbed "Sandmageddon." He had to wear this get-up:

As we were falling asleep, I said, "I wonder if we'll get out of school for this." I was only half joking. But what to my wondering eye did appear this morning when I checked my text messages?? "No school tomorrow, go back to sleep."


I followed instructions and went back to sleep! GLORIOUS!

Sand days are like snow days, but warmer and so much more awesome. Well...slightly. They're definitely more awesome because they're so regionally specific. But apparently you only get sand days when you get storms like this one:

This is the same storm that blew into town last night around 10:30...but in Kuwait. It was hitting Kuwait yesterday afternoon. A friend of ours posted this on his facebook, so we had the sneaking suspicion that our night would be windy.

I love the fact that sand days are basically snow days with all the sleeping in and none of the shivering, but I'm definitely not going to enjoy the clean up.

Because we were still awake when the storm hit, we made sure everything was closed up tight. But there are only so many towels you can stuff under doors, so we expected a light dusting inside the house.

My dining room table, which I had just dusted 2 days ago?

Looks like this now.


Oh well, I'll have plenty of time to go back over the house with the dust rag because I DON'T HAVE TO WORK TODAY!!


Vicariously yours,