Friday, January 7, 2011

Learning is fun!

This year, I'm teaching 3 different grade levels. I've taught different ability levels before, but never 3 completely different curricula at the same time. It's proved to be a considerable challenge. Despite the anxiety and stress it has caused me, I still get nearly daily reminders of why I am a teacher: hilarious student moments.

My girls are really funny, actually. Most of the time they're funny without meaning to be, but they provide me with lots of chuckles nonetheless. Here are a few examples.

Me: ...and our last vocabulary word is "scrutiny." Does anybody have any guesses as to what this word might mean?
Student: Isn't that what pirates do?
Me: No, that's "muntiny," which is a little different than "scrutiny."

Me: Look at the way "odious" is spelled. It's got a random "u," so don't forget it during the spelling portion of the test.
Student: Teacher, isn't odious how Mexican people say goodbye?
Me: ....

Student: My doctor told me that I keep breaking my hand because I don't drink enough milk.
Me: So have you increased your milk intake?
Student: Ew, no. I like Coke.

Student: Miss? Do you know anything about Idaho? [keep in mind that this question was asked in the middle of a lesson about prepositions...obviously an enthralling lesson about prepositions.]
Me: ...the state?
Student: I don't know. Is it a state?
Me: [insert a brief description of the highlights of insert a brief description of potatoes here]
Student: Oh. I think that Idaho is not a center for fashion and culture.
Me: That would be a correct assessment.

Student: Miss? Obama is the first African American President, right?
Me: Yes.
Student: So who was the first woman President?
Me: ooooh, too soon.

Student: Teacher, another meaning for diminish is to disappear, right?
Me: No, that's "vanish."
Second student: Oooh! I told you!

Me: ...So in this sentence, "hat" is the direct object.
Student: No, teacher, I don't think that is right.
Me: ...uh..yeah. It is.
Student: No. I don't think it is.
Me: ....

Trying and stubborn as they may be, I really do enjoy my students. If I hadn't been faced with the challenge of teaching so many grade levels at one time, I would not have gotten the chance to have funny moments like these.

Vicariously yours,

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