Sunday, September 26, 2010

You might like this version better...

Armed with my trusty flipcam and my hijab, I recorded tonight's call to prayer. It's a much better recording this time, and you can really hear how the call kind of sweeps across the city, mosque by mosque. I think it really this is pretty cool part of living in the "Magic Kindgom," as someone we met this weekend called it. I hope you enjoy.

*My apologies to Steven Spielberg for misspelling his name*

Vicarious yours,


  1. How many times each day does the call to prayer occur? Do they say the same prayers everyday or do they change depending on time of day, day of the week, day of the year, cultural happenings? Thanks for filming and posting. Very interesting!

  2. That's neat, thanks for sharing. Forgot you have the cutest accent too. :-)

  3. Mom and I enjoyed this video immensely...and we passed the pop quiz.

  4. there are five athens *calls of prayer* a day, everyday a week *saturday to thursday* they are in the same time but on friday the second prayer is earlier and longer, but in the month Ramadhan they're
    exactly the same but there is one more prayer everyday after the last prayer which is pretty long and is optional to people, and in Eids which are two mulsim holidays *like christmas to christians* there is an extra prayer early in the morning after the first prayer, there is a prayer when someone dies which is instead of a funeral and it happens right after after any prayer, and a prayer that starts with the eclipse and ends with it.
    And Amber people do pray out of the mosque, intact they should pray anywhere else as long as they are not praying in the mosque but not bathroom or a grave yard or places where you can find animals' *poop* and you can pray with the Imam or Mo'athen in the same group of people outside the mosque but it should be full with no space for you to fit in, you can find that a lot in Mecca if you watch it on TV, you can ask your students... even though the answer is really long but if you want the full detailed information here it is :$