Friday, January 12, 2018


It has been snowing on and off all throughout our Christmas break here in Jeju, but the past two days have been pretty crazy. Weather moves fast on this island, so we've gone from white-out conditions where we could barely see the greenhouses across the road to blindingly bright sunlight in the matter of minutes. For a while there, it wasn't sticking and was just pretty to look at out the window, but it got cold enough overnight that we woke up to a blanket of snow--I'd estimate 1.5-2 inches--and it was a frickin' winter wonderland.

We aren't exactly winter people, but we bundled up to go out real quick and take a few photos.

This is why. Neither of us have shoes that are not fabric. I don't even have socks that are heavier than those little half socks you wear with slip-ons so your feet don't stink. Like I said, we are not winter people!!
Thankfully we had a big puffy hand-me-down snowsuit to dress Sadie in and it made her look like an adorable marshmallow. The new aviator hat she just got for Christmas really completed her fresh-from-Hoth look.

Note to self: Get yourself dressed first next time so you don't roast your marshmallow baby on the heated floor while you get wrapped up. I have to admit it was pretty funny watching her try to roll over in this get-up.

Thankfully there was no need to climb inside a wampa for warmth.

She was unimpressed by the super bright snow.

It's a miracle this photo turned out, I seriously couldn't see anything the sun was so bright off the snow. I don't even have sunglasses! Apparently I'm not a summer person, either! 

Love the juxtaposition of the citrus with the snow. 

We were literally outside for less than 5 minutes. Just enough to snap a few photos and say we went out in it. We will have to stock up on winter gear while we are home this summer so we're ready in case this kind of fun pops up again next year.

Vicariously yours,

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