Friday, February 18, 2011


One of the great perks of working overseas, specifically in Saudi Arabia, is the lack of taxes. Saudi Arabia doesn't have taxes of any sort. No sales tax, no income tax. It's pretty nice. But of course, the US does, so that raised a couple questions before we left.

The hubbins and I are what you would call mathematically challenged. Even with the help of programs like TurboTax, we have managed to screw up our taxes every single year since we've been out from under our parents' wings. Add to that the complication of being on an entirely different continent, and you'll understand why we're hiring an accountant to handle our taxes this year.

Yes, even though we're not in the country, we still have to file. I contacted a CPA before we left to find out how much we should expect to pay out this April (last year we had the surprise of having to pay $500 on top of what we'd already had deducted from our paychecks. Who says marriage is a sweet tax break!?).

"Well, it depends on what your salary will be overseas," Mr. Taxman said.

"What's the cap?" I asked.

"According to current tax laws, citizens living overseas would have to make about $96,000 or above to be eligible for taxes."

I burst out laughing. "You mean combined income?"

"No, $96,000 per person," he answered, preplexed as to what I found so funny.

"Well, that still makes so difference. Even if my husband and I were both administrators, our combined income still wouldn't reach $96,000. So we're good."

Moral of the story, folks: If you're a teacher and you're in a financial bind, FLEE THE COUNTRY! Go somewhere like Saudi with no taxes and enjoy the pleasures of a tax free life.

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