Thursday, September 10, 2015

PSA: The Pancake Parlour is not the same as the Pancake Pantry

A couple weeks ago I was in the city getting the most thorough eye exam I've ever had in my life. To save a buck, I went to the University's eye center where ophthalmology students conduct the exams under the supervision for fully licensed doctors. I was warned that because the students would be working under supervision (meaning every part of the exam would have to be done twice), my appointment could last as long as 90 minutes. TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER, my eyes are dilated and numbed (yes, numbed), and I am starving. BUT! My eyes are very well examined, I can assure you.

Anyway, the hubs happened to be in the city and I was in struggletown trying to walk around with dilated eyes and no sunglasses on this rare sunny Melbourne winter day, so he met me a few tram stops away from the eye center and we went to lunch. I didn't eat breakfast before my 10am appointment, so a pancake breakfast sounded great. There was a Pancake Parlour nearby, and it sounded like it had a similar menu to our Nashville favorite Pancake Pantry.


Sure, there are pancakes on the menu, but everything has ice cream on it!

I just wanted chocolate chip pancakes!

Banana and strawberry pancakes with vanilla ice cream on top. Chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate ice cream and chocolate hot fudge on top. Peaches and cream pancakes with peach slices, peach ice cream, and whipped cream. See, it's Pancake Parlour as in ice cream parlor! Pancakes served at an ice cream parlor. Oof.

So. much. sugar! I might have gotten diabetes from just this one meal. It was good, but it was not good on my empty stomach.

Next time, it'll be dessert, not breakfast.

Vicarously yours,


  1. as decadent and perfect for my inner fat kid as that seams...that looks like my worst nightmare. I'm with you ...breakfast is for breakfasting. Plus I eat slow and all that a la mode would end up as a puddle of creaminess.

  2. also seams= seems...homophones are hard.