Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hosier Lane

The graffiti in this town is prolific, and some of it is pretty cool.

Some of it is literally "Prolific."
I would have to say 90% of the graffiti I see is obviously the work of bored teens who either have something sharp and want to scar a plastic surface with whatever word comes to mind first...

"Botox" carved into a train wall.
...or have just purchased a mega Sharpie and learned a new typography to doodle...

...Or simply some kids that have gotten their hands on a can of spray paint.

This makes me think of the alternative version of the Barney song that we all thought was so funny in 3rd grade.

But there is one part of town that is pretty cool.

Hosier Lane.

It is a couple of alleys in one of the busiest parts of downtown where street artists can paint freely, and the result is awesome.

Sure there are lots of examples of street tagging or words that don't mean anything to anyone except for someone who is "in the know" with street lingo (I'm so hip), but the rest of the alley is really cool art.

I think the coolest part about Hosier Lane is that you could visit the street once a month and see something different every time. This is obviously a place that Melbournians seem to be proud of. While we were there the other day a couple was getting their wedding photos taken amongst the tourists and aerosol paint.

Vicariously yours,

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