Friday, August 6, 2010

We haven't even moved yet and already the lessons learned from this experience are pouring in.

First, the next school we go to has GOT to arrange for our visas themselves. Yes, I realize that most countries aren't going to have a process as drawn-out as the Big Sandy. But I still think that this bit should be left to people who are used to dealing with all the paperwork and ridiculousness.

Second, the next school has GOT to at least reimburse us for our shipping costs! We finally got an address that we can ship our belongings to, so we've started getting estimates.

Third, we need to go into the shipping business!! We've got 5 rubbermaid tubs that we've packed with the essential items: teaching materials, pictures and frames, a couple blankets, etc. I was trying to low-ball it and get an idea of what we're up against, so I got an estimate for 4 tubs. The cheapest for that amount of tubs was over $1,500!!! And that was taking about a month to arrive!! Holy cannoli!!

Any and all donations to our shipping expenses are now welcome!

Vicariously yours,

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