Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Worst. Bloggers. Ever!

Oh my goodness, it's been 10 days! We are horrible bloggers.

I think the main news story in our life is: there's no news to share yet! We're winding down on our packing efforts. We've officially got to be out of our apartment on Wednesday, so we spent today doling things out to our respective parents' houses where they will stay for at least the next two years.

I recently compared this process to a roller coaster: this week feels like we're waiting in line for the ride. Nothing really fun about it, and it's a little boring. After Wednesday, when we'll be living out of a suitcase and schlepping ourselves up and down the East coast, I think it'll feel like that upward climb at the beginning of any good roller coaster. We're not REALLY on the ride yet, but we're definitely committed. There's no turning back after we're moved out of our apartment! And then, when we finally get on a plane--whenever that may be--that'll be when the REAL fun begins!

I'm very very excited to get this ride started! I just really don't enjoy the waiting in line part. I've never been good at packing, or patience.

Figuring out this whole visa thing has certainly been a test of my patience. It's really difficult to figure out what the consulate wants from us, and when I call to ask for clarification, I get brushed off. I'm trying to convince myself that it's because they're busy people up there in Washington, and it has nothing to do with my gender.

But let's be honest, I could probably get results if I had a penis...at least in Saudi, that is.

A few weeks ago we received word that there had been a hitch in Saudi Arabia with my visa. My school had never directly sponsored a female employee, so they didn't realize that the visa process for a woman is different, and more drawn-out than that for a man. le sigh.

We were advised to go ahead and get the Mister's visa so that, if need be, he could leave for KSA before me, set up residency, and then apply for me to join him. Apparently that's how it's usually been done.

That caused me to have a small panic attack--but just for a minute. The Mister and I have been planning to spend some time in Europe before we arrive in KSA. If he arrived before I did, how would that little detour be possible? And don't even get me started on his housekeeping skills! Set that man loose in a brand new apartment and it'd become a frat house in 2 days.

Thankfully, we later got word that the Ministry of Education has approved my educator status (woo!), and that was the biggest hurdle in my process. So according to our new boss, we can proceed as planned.

Whew. Crisis diverted.

Vicariously yours,

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