Saturday, April 22, 2017

We weren't wrong about Sydney

Most Americans have Sydney squarely at the top of their Australia bucket lists. It's hard to google search the country and not see photos of the Sydney harbor bridge or opera house. Most Americans are surprised to learn that Sydney isn't the capital of the country, that's how well known the city is. However, these two Americans have only been to the city once and came back with a lackluster review.

I'm glad to say that we aren't the only ones!

This week I returned to school after a two week fall break full of laziness on the couch and lots of Netflix'ing. It was glorious. I was talking to one of the kids in my homeroom class about his break and asked if he went anywhere.

"Yeah, my family went to Sydney."

"Oh cool! Do you have family there that you were visiting, or did you just go to see the city?"

"No, just seeing the city."

"How long were you there?"

"The whole two weeks."

Internally I was like, "Two weeks?! Good lord, what did you do for two weeks!? I couldn't get out fast enough after three days!"

Instead I said, "Oh so you got to see everything! What was your favorite part?"

"They have double decker trains! And you can move the seats on them!"

....after TWO WEEKS in Australia's most famous city, all this kid was impressed with was the dang trains!

To be fair, that was also one of the few highlights for Tyler and I when we went.

Sorry 'bout it, Sydney. You just don't ring our bells.

Vicariously yours,

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  1. In the kids' defense, most kids are not enthralled with opera houses or museums or gardens or restaurants- a double decker bus with moveable seats is pretty memorable