Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saving the world, one grocery bag at a time.

I've complained about our grocery shopping experiences over here. The grocery store is like a madhouse if we hit it at the wrong time. Our window of peaceful shopping opportunity is very short, so the Mister and I usually head to the store right after school to avoid the craziness. Because we're trying to eat healthier, we're eating more fresh produce. BUT because we live in Saudi Arabia, most of the produce is imported (thus expanding our carbon footprint even. more.). I have a theory that because the produce has to be flown in from Europe or farther, it's farther along in the decaying process than produce we can get at home. This means we're going to the grocery store on an almost daily basis because if we don't we're stuck with a kitchen full of rotten fruit that we didn't eat fast enough.

The annoying part of shopping almost every day is the number of plastic grocery bags we get as a result! The bag boys seem to have a 3 item limit per bag, and loaves of bread and cartons of eggs each get a plastic bag all their own!! There are times we'll go to the grocery store to get just 3 items and we'll come home with 5 plastic bags!! I don't even understand how that happens!

These are just from a couple months' worth of shopping! We have another half of a cabinet full of bags on the other side of the kitchen.

NOT anymore, though!! For Christmas, we got these fantastic reusable grocery bags!

Oh yes, that's Big Bird and Cookie Monster you see.

Nope, we don't have any children. But golly do we love these grocery bags! When we used them for the first time, the bag boy just laughed.

Then he was so confused because I was making him put ALL of our groceries in just TWO of our big ol' bags! Step aside, buddy. Let the crazy white lady take care of this.

I love my Sesame Street grocery bags. Not just because they're made of awesome, but because they're saving me from having to find somewhere else to put those stupid plastic bags!!

Vicariously yours,

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  1. I guess there's no recycling of plastic bags?