Friday, October 21, 2011

Hiding in the shadows

This, ladies and gentlemen has to be one of the most Saudi moves we ever see on the roads. This guy is hiding in the shadow of the overpass while waiting for the red light to change. He is at the front of the line of traffic, but he's at least 20 feet away from the front of the lane.

Because he wants to wait in the shadow.

Because the sun is hot in Saudi Arabia and he doesn't want to get a drivers tan.*

It's so baffling that in a culture that honks at you the millisecond the light turns green, the drivers will cower in the shadow of an overpass and hold everyone else up. AND NOBODY HONKS AT HIM!? I don't get it.

Vicariously yours,

*both clauses of this sentence are assumptions on my part. Well, the second one is. The sun is hot in Saudi Arabia...although it might not be the reason why this guy is waiting in the shadow for the light to change. ...but it probably is.

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